Thursday, May 24, 2012

Alphabetical Record of the Rebellion

Hi there!  Sorry for the long absence.  I've been busy with dissertation research.  I also presented my first conference paper at the 3rd Annual Society of Appalachian Historians in Morgantown, WV.  Titled "Localism, Occupation and the Civil War in Kanawha County, West(ern) Virginia, 1861-1865," I argued that western Virginians interpreted federal and state laws on emancipation and the status of secessionists according to antebellum local tendencies.  It was well-received by the audience, even though I thought that I spoke too quickly.  I could get used to this conference thing.

Here's an article from the Fairmont National of August 12, 1865:

Alphabetical Record of the Rebellion:

A - Stands for Andersonville, the ghastly monument of the most revolting outrage of the century.

B - Stands for Booth, let his name be swallowed up in oblivion.

C - Stands for Canada, the Asylum of the skedaddlers and the nest in which traitors hatched their eggs of treason.

D- Stands for Davis, the most eminent low comedian, in the female character, of the age.

E - Stands for England, an enemy in our adversity, a sycophant in our prosperity (Music by the band, air Yankee Doodle.)

F - Stands for Freedom, the bulwark of the nation.

G - Stands for Grant, the undertaker who officiated at the burial of the rebellion.

H - Stands for Hardee, his tactics wouldn't save him.

I - Stands for infamy, the spirit of treason.

J - Stands for Justice, give it to traitors.

K - Stands for Kearsage, for further particulars see Winslow's Soothing Syrup

L - stands for Lincoln, we mourn his loss.

M - Stands for Mason (more music by the band, air, "There came to the beach, &c.)

N - Stands for No where, the present location of the C. S. A.

O - Stands for "O dear, what can the matter be?" for an answer to this question apply to Kirby Smith.

P - Stands for Peace, nobly won by the gallant soldiers of the Union.

Q - Stands for Quantrell, one of the Gorillas in the rebel menagerie.

R - Stands for Rebellion, which is no longer able to stand for itself.

S - Stands for Sherman, he has a friend and vindicator in Grant.

T - Stands for Treason, with a halter around its neck.

U - Stands for Union, "now and forever, one and inseparable."

V - Stands for Victory, further explanation is unnecessary.

W - Stands for Washington, the nation is true to his memory.

X - Stands for Xtradition, English papers please copy.

Y - Stands for Young America, who stands for the Union.

Z - Stands for Zodiac, the stars are all there.  (Music by the band - The Star Spangled Banner, O long may it wave, O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave.)


The mid-19th Century had a way with words.