Friday, February 10, 2012

"U.S." Grant

I'd like to thank Kevin Levin and Keith Harris for publicizing something I found in West Virginia newspaper. The cool kids like me!!!  They are different versions of the "U. S." in the name of Ulysses Simpson Grant, first published in the New York Times of July 19, 1863.  Some are amusing, others insensitive to modern sensitivities on race, others downright odd.  All reveal the esteem that many held Grant as a hero in the wake of his victory over the rebels at Vicksburg, which cut the Confederacy in two.  Here it goes:

At a torchlight procession in Belleville, Illinois, last week, one of the transparencies contained the following:
Major-Genernl U. S. Grant.
Unconditional Surrender Grant.
Uncle Sam Grant.
United States Grant.
Unparalleled Success Grant.
Unabridged Seizure Grant.
Union-Saver Grant.
Uudenlably Superior Grant.
Uuflinching Surmounter Grant.
Undaunted Soldier Grant.
Understanding Secession Grant.
Use Sambo Grant.
Unshackle Slave Grant.
Ultimate Subjugation Grant.
Uncommon Smart Grant.
Unequaled Smasher Grant.
Utterly Solid Grant.
Utmost Safety Grant.
Unrivaled System Grant.
Unexceptionable Scientific Grant.
Undertake Sure Grant.
Unbounded Spunk Grant.
Universal Sanative Grant.
Unadulterated Saltpetre Grant.
Uniform Succeeder Grant.
Undisputed Sagacity Grant.
Unabated Siege Grant.
Unbending Superexcellence Grant.
Unexampled Skill Grant.
Undoubtedly Spunky Grant.
Usually Sober Grant.
Unprecedented Sardine Grant.
Go in, U.S. -- I see it now !

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